Thursday, 2 July 2015


Welcome to my audio book PERSONAL SUCCESS CODES.This is not a book about psychology,sociology,the occult,spiritualism or the horoscope.This is pure,plain INTERPRETATION!
                                               DAVID BECKHAM
The name David means beloved.The name ham means father of nations.David Beckham is the beloved father of international football.
                                               RICHARD BRANSON
Richard is just that,rich.Bran is wheat,wheat makes bread.Son,a son in the old days had rights to a vast empire because he is a son.Richard Branson is a global rich breadwinner to many a family as a very,very,creative employer.
Most names however are not obvious in meaning for example Chevy Chase,Janis Joplin or Natasha Kinski.That is why i put together a chart in my audio book that caters for everyone no matter what their name is.View the following video which introduces the audio book and get an idea as the code for people born in January is broken in part.
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 Raymond Mafukidze/author/interpreter